About Us

ATAP Endeavors Inc. is owned and operated by Steven and Adeline Knisley. It was originally founded in the year 2000 as an unincorporated business under the name Joe Diddler Artifacts. Steven originally started it with the primary purpose of building and selling small custom artifacts. It quickly grew into a residential renovation company. In his twenties Steven began investing in real-estate and in 2006 chose to liquidate his holdings and began investing into the Kingdom of God. For two years he took a leave of absence from active business, packed up his tools and moved to Haiti. This is where he served as a missionary and carpentry teacher in the small community of Grand-Goave. This is also where Steven found his wife and now business partner, Adeline.

Adeline was born and grew up in Haiti and at the time was working for the ministry as a cook where Steven was volunteering. Through thier interactions they grew close and fell in love. In June of 2008 they were married in Haiti and in March of 2009 had their first son, Devins. They worked diligently to obtain entry visas but as a result of the complicated and drawn out visa process, Adeline and their new son were trapped in Haiti. Steven spent nearly two years traveling back and forth in an effort to earn money and spend time with his new family.

On January 12, 2010 they were all living on Haitian soil when the giant 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the country. Prompted, Steven began to film for the six days following the event. The Canadian Military was sent to rescue stranded Canadians and through miracles of God, Adeline and Devins were granted entry into Canada.

Shortly after arriving in Canada they decided to restructure Steven’s company. Incorporating it and dedicating it in name, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, to God and his fulfilled promises. Adeline opened her own business named Haitian Wonders where she immediately secured a number of regular clients doing residential cleaning. She also offered Caribbean style hair braiding and has since enjoyed women, children and even men as clients for this service. Steven continued with residential renovations focusing on high-end finishing and custom furniture.

As each companies client base has grown they’ve decided to restructure and diversify again. The Haitian Wonders company has now become a part of the ATAP banner and together they’ve refocused their business efforts on other niche’s they feel lead to. Adeline has begun sharing her culinary gift in the form of a service comparable, but not the same as, catering. She sells her Haitian salads, fresh juices, spicy popcorn and a growing list of other ethnic delicacies at farmers markets. She is writing two short stories about the differences in life between Canada and her home in Haiti. Adeline is also in the process of filming a cooking show and is writing a cookbook.

Steven has finished writing his first non-fiction novel. It’s an adventure story featuring God and His son Steven. The story follows one man’s spiritual journey and his experiences as a missionary, husband, father and survivor. He’s currently seeking publishing. He’s booking opportunities to speak and teach on the topics of Haiti, God, and living a limitless life. When he’s in Canada he likes doing high-end custom carpentry and particularly enjoys building client specific furniture.

In April they returned to Canada after a six month stay in Haiti with their five year old son, Devins and one year old, Isaiah. During this trip they spent many hours filming life as it is in Haiti, focusing on Haitian food and how it’s killed, cleaned and cooked. They’ve captured the Third World in its rawness that could only be seen through the eyes of one who’s lived it. They believe the people of the First World will not only be intrigued by the video footage but will be inspired to become involved.

Both Steve and Adeline are excited for the future and to see where their new endeavors will lead them. They know God has a plan for their lives and are willing to go where He leads. Their lives individually have been far from ordinary and they believe without falter, the best is yet to come.